Pre Purchase Examination

Pre Purchase exams represent an important part of our caseload with more than 423 exams made in the last 12 years. In July 2014 we made the Purchase Exam for the mare Batuta for the Company ISHI becoming the most expensive Lusiatno mare bought in Portugal till that moment. We follow a protocol based on the English system (Five Stage Vetting) followed by an x ray examination that consists in 20 projections. • Our main goal concerns an accurate documentation of all relevant information in order to provide an informed and rigorous opinion. For such we use photos and videos on a standard base to document trough all steps of the examination. We even have the option to assist the all exam live through a web cam¹.

All this information is sent to the client trough email as a written report together with the x ray images, photos and videos. At the clients request or their Assistant Veterinary, we can integrate other image modalities such as ultrasound, endoscopy, gastroscopy, MRI or scintigraphy; blood analyses or other complementary exams. We are in close contact to world renown specialists in image, surgery and medicine so that second opinion evaluations can be performed whenever necessary or solicited.

¹ Possibility to execute the Pre Purchase Exame by Video-Conference on Skype.

ID: crespovet